Forged Composite is lighter and stronger than titanium. A couple of 9s were offset by a couple of 5s, with all of the other ratings falling somewhere in the middle. My thought is that the top edge of the driver and 3-wood hit the ball approximately at the middle. For the sake of full disclosure, I was personally responsible for one of those 10s. Has anyone else had the paint chip? Our formulas say the Callaway RAZR Hawk is an extremely forgiving driver, although not all of our testers shared our findings. Over the years I have owned many other drivers , and not once has the paint ever chipped, some of those driver were in use by me for many years.

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Callaway Razr Hawk Draw Driver Lie Angle 2 Eagle: If you love this club, but the accuracy is a concern, order it an inch shorter, as there is more than enough distance here.

ULTIMATE REVIEW! – Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver

Tony is the Editor of Fallaway where callaqay job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. Our formulas say the Callaway RAZR Hawk is an extremely forgiving driver, although not all of our testers shared our findings. For the sake of full disclosure, I was personally responsible for one of those 10s. Of course, having said that, to a larger than normal extent, with the Callaway RAZR Hawk, our testers more or less, I believe, got it right.

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In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game. I really like the driver but the paint chipping is a bummer.

Are you testing the Callaway Razr Hawk Tour as well?

Callaway RAZR Hawk Draw Driver

Great condition premium golf pride grip. I am pretty consistant in my swing. Based on a golf magazine review late summer I dras the Callaway Razr Hawk driver.

Blu 8 years ago. When you consider what the first several incarnations of composite drivers from Callaway and Cobra sounded like, the fact raze one would score above 50 is somewhat impressive. Another great review, the Hawk is a nice driver but I actually preferred the Diablo Octane for myself.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver

If you found this review and others useful, please consider making a cash donation to help support MyGolfSpy or a contribution to our Club Recycling Program. Overall, the numbers worked out to almost exactly to what I think they should have. I share this to illustrate the role perception plays not only in the testing process, but in the larger buying process. I just bought the Razr hawk never used it hearing about the paint chipping is a really bummer eh.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver | eBay

Draw bias razor hawk rxzr. Quite literally within minutes of reading the original Callaway adsMyGolfSpy reached out to our contacts at both companies.

On the high end was our lowest handicap golfer, CJ, who missed by an adjusted average of just over 24 yards. Callaway Razr Hawk Draw 9.


Finally we heard back from TaylorMade, and a few emails, and more callawag a week later, we had to accept the reality that the head to head review was never going to happen. We accept credit cards through PayPal. So many demos, and even fittings are still done without the benefit of a launch monitor, and so golfers still rely heavily on their perceptions, csllaway the perceptions of the guy whose primary goal is often to sell as many golf clubs as he possibly can.

If you wanted to do draq head to head with the R11 I am sure there is someone around your shop that owns an R11 or someone that would be willing to let you use theirs. We take actual images Callaway Razr Hawk Tour 9.

I just bought a Razr Hawk Driver and experienced the paint chipping. Dylan 6 years ago. That said, gplf I indicated above, what really impresses me is the consistency of this club across the face. R11 — Burner 2. In terms of a fairway wood I actually like the Razr 3 wood better then the Diablo Octane. Good condition with normal

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