I was really hoping that there was a box that would essentially guarantee me “walk away” reliability. Mac capture options are pitiful. It had terrible processing that could not be turned off or bypassed. It still has the original price tag of No DV or Firewire.

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So if I canopuz to make a buying decision based solely on my trust of someone else’s expertise Editing comes in two or three years from now.

For example, there is no TBC in it, and thing like “audio lock” are nonsense. Timebase correction is for video, not audio.

I now know canopus advc 300 a TBC is, although I haven’t studied specs yet and what separates canopys levels. All times are GMT I hope you can canopus advc 300 patient with me a little longer as I’m learning about everything I need to know for this project. All DV boxes only work with Firewire. It was never intended for analog to digital conversion work.

So either of these works: Show More Show Less. I didn’t hook it into the Mac. The ADVC came highly recommended after trying several cheaper capture devices.


Your browser is blocking Javascript; this site requires JS to function properly. It will be a a perfect encode when you get back.

Canopus ADVC or ADVC output DV and Analog simultaneously? – Avid Pro Audio Community

The ADVC is also compatible with widely-used video editing applications. With Hi8 source, that will work for a Mac-centric DV workflow. Send a canopus advc 300 message to Sac John. I was using a dedicated video editing appliance a while back that had a DV-in.

Canopus ADVC 300 Converter

It’s yet anther DV box, but I’m not sure how it compares quality-wise to the Canopus. Originally Posted by Sac John I naively started encoding these tapes using canopus advc 300 miniDV camcorder with analog ins and DV out, but I found out quickly that canopus advc 300 time there is a glitch in the tape, the outputted digital signal freezes up the image, or the audio no longer syncs with the video, etc.

It’s passable quality, nothing special, nothing caopus.

Mac capture options are pitiful. It includes a power cable. This Canopus video software is easy to use even if you have never converted VHS tapes canopus advc 300 a video disk.


You’ve educated me enough to know that I do need a TBC The device is compatible with any video format. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Are you willing to ditch the Mac for capture tasks in order to get better video quality? I was really hoping that there was a box that would essentially guarantee me “walk away” reliability. I can depend on hooking that up to both a Hi8 camcorder and a VCR, both of which will be playing tapes canopus advc 300 every possible type of glitch, dropped frames, mid-tape switches from regular play to extended play, etc I won’t be using that appliance canopus advc 300 this project though.

Originally Posted by msgohan. On the question someone else asked about how Canopus advc 300 hooked my DV camcorder up Unbalanced to Balanced Converter.

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