This advanced power quality meter offers: Year of Establishment Not sure how I acheive the mix in my head phones, I guess I could pre fade Track 1 9 i. Set output to Alesis on Audition track one. EnerVista Launchpad is a powerful software package that provides users a platform to access all of the setup and support tools needed for configuring and maintaining GE Multilin products.

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I can personally recommend the Alesis iOI have one that I use for simple location recordings when not using my big digital mixer. The strength and expertise harnessed from the experience propels CT. Get best deals for coconut. Since its inception CT has been bringing in innovative products and technologies developed world wide to our native to harness the benefits offered in convenience, safety and security. Set output to Alesis on Audition track one.


Included in EnerVista Launchpad is a document archiving and management system that ensures critical documentation is up-to-date and available when needed by automatically checking for and downloading new versions of manuals, applications notes, specifications and service bulletins.

Final mix on track 2 was the two tracks i. Depending on how the EPM differs from the ussb I found, there might be a way to do your monitoring using the Aux send on the mixer–bring the computer back into the mixer, set the Aux to pre fade, turn up the Aux send on both the mic and computer channels, but only bring up the fader for the mic you’re recording. Right buying one now mate Hit record and use the monitor knob to set the balance between mic and music track on Audition for your headphones.



Recorded voice on to track 2 via open fader 1 mic – and heard output from track 1 fader 2. One is to drop the mixer epmm900 the chain entirely. I probably confused you with my mention of routing the Alesis output to the mixer. The built in audio inputs on computers are notoriously usn quality yes, even Macs so, besides convenience you’d also get a lot less noise and a lot more headroom.

Its handy to have a mixer for the next thing I need epm00 wind you up about. The EPM is one of the most advanced monitoring products on the market today, providing you with the total picture of energy usage and power quality from any metered point in a power distribution network.

GE Communicator displays real time data from supported meters. Ibm Server in Bengaluru.

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Then put your pre recorded music in track 1 of Audition any track will do–you just usn your settings. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. There are two ways you can do this. There are a couple of different ways you can do this but the simplest would be in signal order:. At the helm of affairs at CT is Mr. You’ll probably want to turn down the Alesis output to your speakers while recording.


You could either put your speakers straight onto the Alesis as above or use two more cables to take the outputs of the Alesis to epm9900 stereo input of the mixer, then drive your Bose speakers from the mixer.

It allows users to view real time metered data, configure and analyze collected information from remote EPM power meters. EnerVista Launchpad is a powerful software package that provides users a platform to access all of the setup and support tools needed for configuring and maintaining GE Multilin products.

Anyway, did my ueb version work for you or are you still having problems?

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You can not post a blank message. I guess I need to send Track 1 to the mixer so I can hear the Track and the voice mix at the same time right? Please type your message and try again. You certainly CAN work this way be you need to use a “pre fade aux” to create your monitor. The software offers many screens, including: Go to original post. If you want to look at others, the pem900 feature you usg to watch for is direct monitoring. This allows you to make power related decisions quickly and effectively.

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