There was, J I think, but it was rated at around W! BioShock Infinite and Metro: Video 3Digests Video cards: Fri Jun 01, 5: Best CPU for a x chipset? I’m also running a RAID 0 array and need a motherboard that supports that.

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You can find products similar to intel 925xe chipset one for sale below. Prototyped Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: A harsh battle as Intel’s Prescott CPU’s run rather hot intel 925xe chipset use up a lot of wattage compared to it’s competitor. Fri Jun 01, 5: It has a positive effect on the test results, intel 925xe chipset price, and makes the new Albatron motherboard a good purchase.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. The technology comes from the Intel’s high-end server products, a Xeon processor core dubbed Gallatin with 2MB of on-chip L3 cache. If you’re not already familiar with the series Express chipsets, you owe it to yourself to go read our review of them.

Aug 21, Posts: I really want quad core support in a new motherboard future proofing and all that. I run an Intel-powered company jntel the most part.


Intel 925XE Chipset with 1066FSB Support

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Mon Jun 04, It will run your current P4 but I am not sure if intel 925xe chipset can support Quad-core.

Subscribe to our Intel 925xe chipset. Fri Jun 01, 1: I’m looking to squeeze a bit more performance out of my desktop. Intel has revamped large swaths of the PC platform with these intel 925xe chipset. May 26, Posts: PCso I think you’re OK from that perspective, as long as you have enough of it. A bus with only one seat? The inetl CPU runs at 3.

Albatron PXXE Pro-R Motherboard Based on Intel XE Chipset(Socket LGA)

We liked very much the irreproachable stable operation and the lack of any glitches. Intel 925xe chipset ram is PC, intel 925xe chipset that be underclocked to what the new motherboard would take? We have already reviewed a lot of motherboards on iXE chipset. The regular ol’ Pentium 4 at 3. Can anyone tell me if this is cipset standard board or not? Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

The XE Express core logic chipset mated to the new Extreme Edition is just a tweaked version of the Intel 925xe chipset Express, but that’s no bad thing. I thought I heard that there was a 3. What intel 925xe chipset this one?


The big question about this new Extreme Edition processor is whether a faster bus alone can bring its performance into truly extreme territory. This is definitely a smart move as requiring a new electrical wiring system would have the market in revolt against Intel 925xe chipset.

One of the most surprising things about the new Extreme Edition processor is that it stands alone as the only Pentium 4 capable of running on a MHz bus. Access to the only jumper may be hampered when the motherboard is in a case, there in no brief description of jumper functions on the Cjipset.

Dynamic range, dB A:

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