The schematics for the board is different: The good news is: I create a test project which writes to the console. Board with LEDs on as normal. Notify me of new comments via email. This might be because of Windows XP. I want to flash my application and keep the bootloader on the target.

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But then to my surprise I got this dialog:.

P&E OSBDM firmware update utility

osbdm R39 you could osbdm. Freescale S08 controllers have an internal clock generator ICG which allows the device to run without an external clock signal.

osbdm I hope this helps, Erich Like Like. If it does not, it is really bad: The works for me under Windows 7. The osbdm is that my after osbvm up the board with the bootloader enabled, the computer does not recognize the board so osbdm update is unsuccessful. The microcontrollers are usually osbdm in the factory.

Either the firmware is corrupted, or it is a osbdm old version osbdm that board. I think it is the later, as I have not touched that board for a osbdm long time. That makes my life much simpler osbdm easier. And if the osbdm is too old, then the debugger cannot automatically update osbdm firmware.


Dialog asking to remove the jumper again. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Then apply the update to the normal MCU Console osbdm on virtual COM port. So this is definitely a very old firmware: How can I trim it myself if Osbdm need something better?

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Not sure if this would be enough. Osbdm it shows indeed osbdm ColdFire V2 firmware, but it unable to detect the firmware revision and type. I had to learn it the hard way: To me, after doing this several times, not a big deal.

Step-by-Step: Updating OSBDM/OSJTAG Debug Firmware | MCU on Eclipse

I get my embedded osbdm flash completely erased and then programmed with my application. Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your WordPress. But what I get osbdm an error dialog:. osbdm

Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi Osbdm, you osbdm reprogram the JM60 on the board with any firmware you want, there is a BDM connector for it on the board.


Downloading the MByte osbdm file and installing the update will take a while. Occasionally I run into USB osbdm issues in my osbdm. Osbxm could go osbdm and install old drivers, but that would be a pain. Fortunately, the firmware updater was able to update even the very old firmware when I shorted the bootloader jumper before plugging in the USB port.

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Spending money for better tools can make the osbdm between finding a problem quickly, or wasting days or weeks, and osbdm failing a project.

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