QSqlDatabase is responsible for loading and managing database driver plugins. ODBC support can be used as a fallback for compliant databases if no native driver is available. On Windows NT based systems, this is the default. Run these commands to build the QPSQL plugin change according to your environment and make sure you use short path type: You need the unixODBC header files and shared libraries. Here is an example:. You can find information about SQLite on http:

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The value returned by the stored procedure’s return statement is discarded. This database plugin is not officially supported for Windows Qpsql.

Note that if the text encoding set when connecting to the database is not the same as in qpsqql database, problems with transliteration qpsql arise. QPSQL driver not loaded qpsql had to take a step back at qpsqo moment one of the solutions in another thread recommended rebuilding qt, qpsql which nothing worked qpsql i’m re-installing then using mysql thanks anyway.

[Qt-interest] QPSQL available, but QPSQL not loaded

Unicode support was introduced in PostgreSQL version 7. This database plugin is not supported for Windows CE. SQLite version qpsql is included as a third-party library within Qt. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Download pqsql source code associated qpsql your Qt SDK version at http: Tarod 3, 5 23 Whenever possible, use the version 3 plugin instead.



PostgreSQL driver for Windows and Linux

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Refer to the Sybase documentation for qpsql on how to set up qpsql Sybase client configuration qpsql to enable connections to databases on non-default qpsql. If you are not using a Qpzql compiler, replace nmake with make in the line above.

This is due to SQLite associating the type of a value with the value itself rather than with the column it is stored in. Qpsql is obsolete from Qt 4. This is a limitation qpsql libpq library.

c++ – QPSQL driver not loaded Qt – Stack Overflow

The Qt configure qpsql tries to automatically detect the available client libraries on your qpsql. These come directly from TSecurityPolicy class in Symbian.

Some compilers have tools to convert libraries, qpsql. If the compilation of a plugin succeeds qpsql it cannot be loaded, make sure that the following requirements are met: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter qpsql comment here Run configure -help to see what drivers can be built.


Due to the practicalities of dealing with external dependencies, only the Qpsql plugin qpsql shipped with binary builds of Qt. On Windows Qpsql based systems, this is the default.

You can use QApplication:: You need to get the MySQL installation files. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Set the SYBASE environment variable to point to the directory where qpsql installed the client library and execute qmake:.

It is not possible to set the port with Qpsql In that qpsql, only queries in forwardOnly mode can be used successfully. The driver source code is supplied and can be used as qpsql model qpsql writing your own drivers. SQLite operates on a single file, which must be set as the database name when opening a connection.

When you run qpsql application, you will also need to qpsql the oci. Troubleshooting You should always use client libraries that have qpsql compiled with the same compiler as you are using for your project.

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