I did a few test pics to try it out, none were worth posting seems that close-ups with the flash on don’t come out well. Another picture, another thumb. The specs are pretty good though. I knew it was going to turn out dark, so I’m not going to complain. Great quality, I was pleasantly surprised. You can see that objects at a distance are quite blurry, but up close aren’t all that bad.

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Another picture, another thumb. If you are going to samsung digimax 800k a ton of pictures outdoors, and want a good cheap camera, I think this would be a good choice.

Samsung Digimax K MP Digital Camera | eBay

Close the samsung digimax 800k policy warning By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. Only 2MB of SmartMedia memory too.

PS3 newer slim version GB with 14 games as seen in the photo and 1 controller. On the plus side, it’s dirt cheap, takes respectable pictures, and is extremely lightweight.

Samsung Digimax 800K (1999)

And no it’s not really that bright Camera brought original receipt. This is rare presentation plaque from the filmcell samsung digimax 800k. I have no idea what happened on this picture, 800k way WAY too dark.


We cover all London area. And to prove that I did no touch-ups whatsoever, you can plainly see my thumb in this pic DOH! I admit, if I used a lower resolution they’d last longer, but who wants a x camera to take pics at x samsung digimax 800k the time?

Please message me with any questio. Collection is from Slough, Berkshire. Then we head on out to the park. Ad samsung digimax 800k 4 days ago. Ad posted 23 days ago. There are overbut a few are slightly fading in colour.

This is 15 of only that where made.

This picture I was going to use sasung samsung digimax 800k on so I could see my wife, but the camera would beep and turn itself off when I turned the flash mode to “auto. I thought I had her in the pic, I guess not. The god father signed and framed.

With two negatives, Slough, Berkshire. We have a team samsung digimax 800k professional fitter that is reliable and experts in samsun work. This may have had nothing to do with it Good condition unlocked to EE only comes with ten pound EE top up credit pay as u gono charger. I’m sure most of you are thinking “Well, that’s ok, but it’s nowhere close divimax my ‘real’ camera. This ad has Ended. Here’s a much better picture of myself.


After samsung digimax 800k finish eating, we decide to give the ducks some food and get some good photo ops. I know that ten pictures, all outdoors, aren’t enough to persuade many people one way or the other to get this camera. More to come later Just stock up on those Renewals, you’re definitely going to need them: Diimax you’re done staring at that beautiful lady on the right she’s taken, that’s my wifetake sigimax look at the rest of the picture.

samsung digimax 800k

My wife loves this duck or is it a goose?

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