The keys feel better under the thumbs and are easier to press with more accuracy. You can check it all out at Akihabara. The mouse buttons are stac ked on top of each other and correspond to the left and right buttons on a standard computer mouse. A replacement backing is included with the extended battery. An extended battery, docking cradle review , and other accessories are available separately.

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LED status indicators reside at the top of both sides of the display.

Review: Willcom D4 (Sharp WS016SH)

She loves gadgets the way willcom d4 women love shoes and purses. The D4 stays pretty cool willcon in use, but the fan lets out an audible whirring to make that possible.

Willcom d4 may have already seen my minute video overview of Vista on the D4which shows the UMPC engaged in numerous tasks, but willcom d4 it is again: Latest products in our mobile pc database. It sounds unwieldy, but it quickly becomes second nature.

By continuing to use this website, you agree willcom d4 their willcom d4. Aside from a few punctuation keys and symbols, everything else is where US users will expect them to be. We’ve calculated your overall product rating based on the average of your criteria ratings above.

First Intel Atom device to be Sharp-Willcom D4 UMPC –

Typing speed is still about the same, but the willcom d4 thickness lets me reposition my hands more naturally to reach all the willcom d4.


I got mine free during the launch promotionbut Conics. Dell Venue 11 R4.

Willcom d4 a look at my Willcom D4 unboxing for photos of the packaging and included accessories. A replacement backing is included with the extended battery. Held between two hands, the D4 is a slider UMPC to willcom d4 those waiting in line, lounging on the sofa, or commuting to work.

The Global Score is arrived at only after curating willcom d4, sometimes thousands of weighted data points such as critic wil,com user reviews. Finally a pocket clamshell.

Its smooth, streamlined body willcom d4 sturdy build give it a look of sophistication and professionalism. This site uses cookies.

They claim 3 days average. The keys are well sized and provide a willcom d4 amount of feedback, but they are very flat and have very little travel. Basically, then, the D4 needs help to achieve its potential. The back of the D4 is covered in a very smooth rubber similar to that of the Raon Digital Willcpm and is home to the battery compartment, the second air vent, and four rubber feet.

Even a light amount of natural finger oils makes the touch pad a little difficult to use. Unscored No review score yet. A dedicated screen rotation button on the top of the device makes switching orientations instant, even faster than accelerometer-based rotation. At the willcom d4 of willcom d4 D4 are a telescoping antenna for use with the Japan-only 1Seg TV tunercamera button, screen rotation button, power button, and non-standard headset port.


The bundled pouch is a tight fit, but the docking willcom d4 available separately was actually designed with willcom d4 extended battery in mind. Next to the headset r4 is one of two air vents and a covered power port. Beneath the antenna is the stylus wil,com. You may have already seen my minute video overview of Vista on the D4which shows the UMPC engaged in numerous tasks, but here it is again:. Also, I notice the card for wireless comes out -top leftshown near the end of the video- but it seems a shape I dont recognise.

willcom d4

Willcom D4 hands-on: great design & connectivity but Vista a chore

Willcom d4 makes willcom d4 device thicker and heavier, sure, but it also becomes more comfortable to hold and improves the willcomm experience. Willcom D4 specs and links are in our database. It feels more natural to hold the D4 by its keyboard when the display is slid up, but doing so puts the touch pad and mouse buttons out of easy reach.

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